Foreclosed house in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku

Court Evaluation: 204,370,000 Yen

*Update: The winning bid was 236,000,000 Yen. A total of 6 bids were made on the property and the winning bidder was a corporation.

The house is also being listed by real estate agents as a short sale with an asking price of 360,000,000 Yen (4.67 million USD), but it is unlikely that it will be sold prior to public auction at that price.

Located in Shirokanedai 5 Chome, this 6-bedroom house was designed by Atelier ARC Architects & Associates. It was designed as a 2-family home with separate living areas and entrances, but it could be converted into one house. The house features an elevator, rooftop terrace, skylights, sauna, jacuzzi and a marble-tiled living room. It is 200 meters to the nearest supermarket.

Although there is no rental contract, the carpark and the 1st floor is currently subleased by a tenant who is expected to move out by the end of August. The rent was 421,000 Yen/month and the lessor held a deposit of 842,000 Yen (2 month’s rent).

The property owner is occupying the 2nd and 3rd floors. When buying a foreclosed property that is occupied, there is always a risk that the occupants may refuse to move out, or may seek monetary compensation before leaving. These type of occupants are referred to as “senyuya”.


5-9 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Shirokanedai Station – 10 min walk

Auction Details:

Court evaluation: 204,370,000 Yen
Minimum bid: 163,496,000 Yen
Deposit to bid: 40,874,000 Yen  (20% of evaluation value)

Bidding period: August 18 ~ August 25, 2011
Opening of bids: September 1, 2011
Sale decision date: September 6, 2011

Property Details:

Built: 2001
Construction: 4-stories, reinforced concrete
House: 407.59sqm
Land: 247.96sqm
Land ownership: Freehold
Kenpeiritsu (building-to-land ratio): 60%
Yosekiritsu (building volume): 160%
Annual Fixed Asset Tax: 783,847 Yen
Annual City Tax: 174,620 Yen


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