Shibuya's Mitake Building/Mansion Reconstruction Project to start in early 2011

shibuya-new-mitake-bldgAn aging residential/commercial building just minutes from Shibuya Station is about to be torn down and replaced with a 17 storey condominium. The current building was built in 1959 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation. Due to its age (it is now over 50 years old) and deterioration, it was considered at risk from earthquakes.

Initial discussions to rebuild began in 1999. The planning and administration company, UG Toshi Kenchiku and Nippon Steel City Produce, were selected to head the project in 2004. The new building will be mixed use with commercial and retail on the first 3 floors, and residential units on floors 4 to 17. Nippon Steel City Produce has acquired the reserved floorspace which will be sold as residential units from Summer, 2011.Read more