Why are the Chinese buying real estate in Japan?

Although it is reported almost every other day in the Japanese news, this Financial Times article provides a simple summary of why Chinese buyers are investing in Japanese real estate. Some of the reasons include attractive rental returns, capital gain on refurbishing apartment buildings and selling to other Chinese investors, or simply buying a vacation home. Despite the media attention, foreigners only represent a very small portion of the real estate market in Japan.

Article: Financial Times - Global Economy, August 19, 2010.

Hirakawacho Mori Tower Selling Fast

As of late August, 2010, there are only 7 units (including the four penthouse apartments) remaining for sale in Hirakawacho Mori Tower Residence. This building was completed in December, 2009, and sales started from mid-February with lottery drawings being held to sell the more popular units.

The three non-penthouse units are 2 & 3 bedroom units over 120sqm (1,290 sqft) and priced from 158~174 million JPY. Due to the popularity of the building, prices are not negotiable on these remaining units. Once these units sell, the developer may take some units out of the rental pool and put them up for sale by special request.Read more