Gaien House redevelopment to be completed by May 2020

The redevelopment of Gaien House, a condominium located just south of the new Olympic Stadium site, is expected to be completed by May 2020. Obayashi Corporation has been chosen by the owners association as the construction company.

The new building will be 23-storeys and 86 meters tall with a total floor area of 60,000 sqm. In addition to apartments, it will also have a nursery, retail and car parking.

*Update: The new condominium will be called The Court Jingu-Gaien and will have 409 apartments, of which 180 will be made available for sale. Sales are scheduled to begin in October 2018. Apartment sizes will range from 70 ~ 310 sqm.

The former Gaien House was built in 1964 and initially used as accommodation for the foreign press during the 1964 Summer Olympics. After the games, the 196 apartments were sold off individually to local buyers.


Old buildingNew building
Floor area15,872 sqm60,000 sqm

Source: The Daily Engineering & Construction News, November 7, 2017.