600 billion Yen project announced for Yaesu

Tokyo Station Yaesu Development
54-storey tower (left) and 45-storey tower (right).

Mitsui Fudosan and Tokyo Tatemono have plans for a 600 billion Yen (5 billion USD) redevelopment on the eastern side of Tokyo Station. Two buildings up to 250 meters tall will be built in the Yaesu 1 and 2 Chome districts. The developers are considering including residential, retail, education, cultural and medical facilities with English-speaking staff in the complex. The Yaesu area currently has a resident population of just 110 people, so residential supply has been very limited.

The redevelopment site is located in a National Strategic Special Zone. These zones have been created to encourage the creation of full-service business districts that are internationally competitive. Developers may receive allowances to provide for extra floor-area ratios and foreign companies may receive additional benefits to locate in these areas.

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Major redevelopment planned for Yaesu district

Yaesu Tokyo 1

In 2015, Mitsui Fudosan and Tokyo Tatemono will begin several large-scale redevelopment projects for the Yaesu district to the east of Tokyo Station. The project will include three buildings containing apartments, offices, retail space, education and cultural facilities.

Planning approval is expected to be announced next year. It is anticipated that the project will qualify for an allowance to the floor space index, which would a total floor area up to 1 million sqm (10.7 million sqft).

One of the features will be an underground bus terminal. While the Marunouchi district to the west of Tokyo Station has seen some very large redevelopment projects over the past few years, the Yaesu area has been lagging behind. The bus terminal currently located at the Yaesu Exit at Tokyo Station is relatively inconvenient, especially for passengers transferring to trains. By locating the terminal underground, it will offer direct access to the underground station area.

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