MUJI converts 100-yr old farmhouse into holiday rental

Home goods retailer MUJI’s operating company Ryohin Keikaku has converted a traditional kominka farmhouse into a short-term stay. Muji Base Kamogawa is the first of the Muji Base-branded accommodations targeting vacant ‘akiya’ and can be found on AirBnb.Read more

Less than 3% of Kyoto's machiya avoid demolition

A recent attempt by Kyoto City to save its historic machiya townhouses has only resulted in 5 out of 170 properties avoiding demolition. Back in 2016, a survey found that as many as 800 traditional machiya townhouses in Kyoto were being demolished each year. With an estimated 40,000 machiya in the city, they could vanish within the next 50 years, leaving no trace of the city’s merchant past.

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In Kanazawa, 100 historic townhouses are demolished each year

Some of the offerings via the Kanazawa Machiya Information Center.

The historic merchant city of Kanazawa is seeing as many as 100 of its historic machiya-style townhouses demolished each year. And while there are efforts underway to preserve as many homes as possible, there are still some high hurdles that remain.

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Historic home in Kyoto donated to university

The former home of noted theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Hideki Yukawa (1907-1981) has been donated to Kyoto University.

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1930s Traditional House in Kamakura

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6-Room House & Land |  House: 209.99 sqm (2,259 sq.ft)
Kamakurayama, Kamakura City

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Historic villa in Kyoto sold last month

A Kyoto-based asset management and real estate company acquired a historic ryotei-style restaurant in the city’s Higashiyama district in July.

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Gucci holds 100-yr anniversary exhibit in historic Kyoto machiya

To celebrate Gucci’s 100th anniversary, three special exhibitions are being held in Kyoto City. One of those exhibitions is taking place in the historic Kawasaki Residence near Sanjo Street. This large machiya is, or was, on the precipice of demolition just two years ago.

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City to demolish 86-year old house

Hanamaki City in Iwate Prefecture will be demolishing an 86-year old traditional house and former restaurant this year. Several attempts have been made at finding a suitable use for the existing building, but to no avail.

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Tsukiji machiya demolished

The traditional machiya-style townhouse in Tsukiji we featured back in February 2019 when it was listed for sale, has, sadly, been demolished. It will be replaced with a 5-story hotel covering the adjoining vacant lots. Completion is scheduled for February 2021.

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Shinjuku Naitomachi Land


Land size: 456.08 sqm
Naitomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Price per square meter: ¥-

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