Apartments continue to become less affordable in 2021

The average price of a 10-year old, 70 sqm second-hand apartment nationwide was 6.54-times times the average annual income in 2021, according to a report by Tokyo Kantei. This is the first time the multiple has exceeded 6 since the research company began recording data in 2008. It is due to the average apartment price increasing by 8.8% to 29.77 million Yen, while the average annual income dropped by 1.5% to 4.55 million Yen.

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Kajima eyes potential in Japan’s luxury real estate sector

Last month, construction giant Kajima Corporation announced plans to enter the luxury sector of the real estate market, and has already kicked things off with the acquisition of two properties from British developer Grosvenor. Within the year, the company is also expected to complete the purchase of luxury housing to lease to wealthy domestic and foreign tenants.

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