Sales in the Tokyo Bay Triple Tower Project to start in April

Sumitomo has started advertising City Towers Tokyo Bay (previously called the Tokyo Bay Triple Tower Project) – a large-scale three-tower condominium with over 1,500 apartments under construction on the man-made Ariake island in Tokyo Bay.

Sales were scheduled to start in late April 2017 but have been delayed until late May. Apartments are priced from 34 ~ 150 million Yen and above. The 43 sqm one bedroom apartments are to be priced from 34 million Yen, 54 ~ 55 sqm two bedroom apartments to be priced from 44 million Yen, and 70 sqm three bedroom apartments to be priced from 59 million Yen.

The average price per square meter is around 1,000,000 Yen which is almost 40% higher than the average resale price of existing apartments in the area (722,000 Yen/sqm in 2017).

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Tokyo’s bayside apartment market is boiling, but for how long?

The Parkhouse Harumi Towers 1

The brand new high-rise apartment market in Tokyo’s bayside area has caught Olympic fever. Development of large-scale condominiums and other infrastructure projects are speeding up, as is demand from excited buyers.

The man-made islands saw a sharp drop in popularity following the 2011 Tohoku disaster when the earthquake caused liquefaction on some islands and left a lot of residents trapped in their apartments or trapped in the lobbies after elevators shut down. The risks of living on reclaimed land were quickly forgotten as soon as it was announced that Tokyo would host the 2020 Summer Olympics and Harumi would host the Athlete’s Village.

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Tokyo bayside apartment bubble to burst after Olympics?

Tokyo Bay IslandsThere are currently 149 large-scale apartment buildings (those with a total floor space of over 10,000 sqm) planned in Tokyo’s 23 wards. Of those, several projects located in the bayside area are of a major scale with a floor space of over 100,000 sqm.

What impact could this future supply have on the apartment market on these manmade islands in Tokyo Bay?

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Chuo-ku facing challenging road to Olympics

The bayside area in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, including Kachidoki and Harumi, is seeing a surge in development and high demand from buyers following the Olympic announcement several months ago. But there are concerns that the current infrastructure may not cope with the rising population, which is expected to grow by 30% in coming years.

Large supply of apartments in the pipeline

Developers are now racing ahead to build new condominiums in bayside sites that had previously laid dormant for several decades.

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New development in Kachidoki to have over 3,000 apartments

Kachidoki East District Redevelopment 1The proposed Kachidoki East District Development on the man-made island of Kachidoki in Tokyo Bay will have over 3,000 apartments when completed, making it the largest residential project in Japan.

The development includes three residential towers with a total of 3,020 apartments. This will be larger in scale than the nearby ‘The Tokyo Towers’ which has 2,794 apartments. 

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Should you buy into the Olympics hype for Tokyo’s bayside areas?

Don’t let the Olympics overshadow your thought process when buying. 

Short-sighted buyers who buy under the hype of the Olympics could possibly find themselves in a difficult position after the games have finished.

Since the Olympics announcement last week, the real estate industry has been in a state of excitement as buyers scramble to buy apartments near the action. But the Olympics are still 7 years away and the event only lasts a few weeks. Can this excitement be sustained and what will happen to property prices after the games are over?

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