Developer seeks to cancel contracts in luxury Aoyama apartment building after fault discovered

The Parkhouse Grand Minamiaoyama TakagichoMitsubishi Jisho Residence is currently in the process of cancelling sale contracts on apartments in The Parkhouse Grand Minamiaoyama Takagicho after a construction fault was discovered.

Just before Christmas in 2013, an anonymous post on an online discussion board mentioned that there had been some core drilling into the concrete. Drilling holes in concrete to take core samples usually indicates a potentially serious problem.  Adding to suspicions, Mitsubishi removed the sales page for the project and removed any mention of the new building from their website a few days later. The building still had 3 apartments left for sale.

The message boards lit up with comments from concerned buyers who were desperate for an official response from Mitsubishi.

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The Parkhouse Harumi Towers sees a surge in interest following Olympics announcement

The sales office at The Parkhouse Harumi Towers was abuzz with activity on Sunday after it was announced that Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. The twin high-rise condominiums are located on the same island in Tokyo Bay that will be the site of the Athletes Village.

On a normal weekend, the sales office receives around 30 visitors, and make 4 or 5 sales. On Sunday, however, as many as 60 people visited the showroom and 10 purchase agreements were signed.

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Mitsubishi Jisho is bringing luxury back with new ‘Grand’ series

The Parkhouse Grand Minamiaoyama Takagicho

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence announced on February 18 that they will be introducing a new series of condominiums targeting the high-end of the market. Called “The Parkhouse Grand” series, they will provide an additional level of luxury to their existing “The Parkhouse” series. 

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