Radiation found in foundations of new home

On January 19, the Mayor of Nihonmatsu City announced that concrete used by the contractor for the recently discovered contaminated apartment building (article here) has also been used in a recently built home, and new recent reports indicate that the gravel from the quarry has been used in at least 50 homes and apartment buildings, and over 1000 different construction projects throughout the prefecture. A further 7 tons of gravel were shipped to Tokyo.

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High radiation levels from concrete in new apartment building

On January 15, the Cabinet Office’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters and the Nihonmatsu City Council in Fukushima Prefecture announced that radiation levels of 1.24 microsieverts/hour were detected in a brand new 3-storey apartment building in the city. The levels exceed the radiation levels found outdoors and residents from the 1st floor of the building have been advised to move elsewhere.

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Yamagata City to start measuring homes for radiation

Yamagata City will be the first area in Yamagata Prefecture to start measuring the radiation levels of homes. Between 150 and 200 homes will be tested by the city to determine whether decontamination is needed.

If the radiation level at 50 cm above ground exceed 1 microsievert/hr, the city can provide advice to the homeowner and hire decontamination workers. Residents can submit applications to have their home measured, and testing will begin on December 20. The city believes they can visit up to 25 homes per day.

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