International dispute sees Nagasaki property sit idle for a century

In Nagasaki’s former foreign settlement sits an overgrown lot filled with as many as 30 buildings, many of them abandoned and falling down. While vacant ‘akiya’ properties are not an unusual sight, this particular one is part of an ongoing international dispute between Russia and Ukraine over former Soviet property.

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100+ year old convent to be converted into luxury hotel

On July 31, Mori Trust announced that they have acquired the historic former Maria-en Catholic nursery school in Nagasaki. Mori will restore the 119-year old building and convert it into an internationally-branded luxury hotel targeting wealthy foreign tourists with an opening scheduled for around 2022. Mori Trust operates 21 hotels across Japan, and this will be their first venture in the Kyushu region. The seller was the Minami Yamate-kai social welfare corporation.

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