Minamiazabu 5108 4F

3-Bedrooms + Service Room + 2 Bathrooms
+ 1 Car space, 205.26 sqm

Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


*This property sold in October 2016 and is no longer available*

Minamiazabu 5108 is an 8-storey apartment building located alongside Gaien-Nishi Street and a 1 minute walk from Hiroo Station.

The building was completed in 2003 and contains just 15 apartments. It was designed by Taro Ashihara Architects.

This is a 3-Bedroom corner apartment on the 4th floor. It includes a spacious living and dining area with open-plan island kitchen, a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and a flat car park.

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Victoria Court East 3F

2-Bedrooms + Study + 2 Bathrooms + 1 Car space, 146.24 sqm
Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


*This property sold in March 2017 and is no longer available*

Victoria Court is a vintage, low-rise apartment building located in Hiroo’s Minamiazabu neighbourhood. This is a popular expat area with a number of international schools, supermarkets, parks and embassies.

The 4-storey building was built in 1991 as accommodation for British Airways staff. Features include an indoor pool, sauna, squash court, recreation room and barbeque terrace for residents.

This is a 2-Bedroom corner apartment on the 3rd floor. It is north, west and south facing and includes two full bathrooms, a storage closet, a study room, a separate trunk room storage space, and a flat car park space.

The land ownership share for this apartment is approximately 131.85 sqm. Based on current land prices in this neighbourhood, the property is being sold at or below approximate land value.

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Proud Minamiazabu Sold Out

All 88 apartments in Nomura’s ‘Proud Minamiazabu’ condominium have sold prior to completion.

The 7-storey building is adjacent to the French Embassy in the exclusive Minamiazabu 4 Chome residential neighbourhood. This is a leasehold building, which means apartment owners do not own a share of the land. The land is leased from the Embassy under a 60 year fixed-term. At the end of the term, the land and building must be returned to the Embassy.

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Garden Grass Minamiazabu (formerly Masuda Homes)

Average price when sold by the developer: 1,400,000 Yen/sqm (All units sold out by July, 2011)
Size range: 143.94 ~ 189.09 sqm

Garden Grass Minamiazabu was originally called Masuda Homes and was a small block of rental apartments built for the expatriate market.  The 22-year old building was purchased by Atrium who completely renovated the building and then listed the individual apartments for sale. Since the bottom has fallen out of the expat rental market and vacancy rate for the luxury property market increase, these type of whole building renovation and sales are becoming more frequent as the rental apartments are longer providing profitable returns to the owners.

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