Looking to buy a large apartment in Tokyo? This is why you might be having difficulty

Houses and apartments in Japan are typically on the small side. The standard size of a three-bedroom apartment might be around 70 sqm, and a two-bedroom apartment in the 50 ~ 60 sqm range. Detached homes might be under 100 sqm, spread over three floors and including the car park. There are larger homes and apartments to be found, but buyers need to be aware that the availability of these larger properties is very limited.

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How age affects house prices

One of the factors that affect the pricing of a home or apartment in Japan (and other countries) is the age of a building, with newer construction typically priced at a premium. This is because older homes and apartments can become out-of-date and lack the modern amenities, interior finishes and latest trends found in newer construction. All other things being equal, an old and tattered apartment from the 1960s with no elevator, insulation, and low ceilings is not going to sell for as much as a brand-new one built to the latest specs. Changes to earthquake-resistant construction methods over the decades make the price divide even more apparent in Japan.

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Overseas buyers seeking hot spring ryokans

Offshore buyers are on the hunt for hot spring resorts and traditional ryokans in Shizuoka’s Izu Peninsula, according to a recent article in Diamond Online. The article quotes an onsen and hotel broker that received over 200 inquiries in May alone from buyers looking to acquire accommodation facilities across the country, with 70% of those looking for luxury hot spring ryokans around Izu, Hakone, and Mt. Fuji.

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Hokkaido sees 12% more offshore investors between 2019 and 2020

A survey by public broadcaster NHK has found that the there were 4,406 buildings and land parcels in Hokkaido owned by foreign funds and corporations as of January 2020. This is a 12% increase from 2019. Even with the international travel bans, some industry experts say acquisitions have continued throughout 2020 as foreign investors are confident that things will return to normal post-covid.

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