Multi-block redevelopment for Uchisaiwaicho

Three developers will soon embark on what is said to be the biggest post-Olympic redevelopment project in Tokyo. The redevelopment district includes the Imperial Hotel, NTT Hibiya Building, Mizuho Bank Uchisaiwaicho Building, and TEPCO Head Office Building. 

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Imperial Hotel up for potential redevelopment?

A nearby acquisition by Mitsui Fudosan has some industry experts suggesting that the 1100-room Imperial Hotel near Hibiya Park in downtown Tokyo may be slated for future redevelopment.

The hotel includes the main building that was built in 1970 along with a 31-storey office/hotel building at the rear that was completed in 1983. By the time of the 2020 Summer Olympics, the main building will be 50 years old. With a booming tourism industry, many of Japan’s top hoteliers are expanding, refurbishing or redeveloping their older hotels.Read more

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya to open in March 2018

On September 4, Mitsui Fudosan announced that the official name of the large-scale redevelopment opposite Hibiya Park in downtown Tokyo will be Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. The 191m tall building will include office space, the 2,300 seat TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, and 60 stores and restaurants.

The grand opening is scheduled for March 29, 2018.

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