Nagasaki to protect and preserve old buildings on Gunkanjima

Gunkanjima 1

Nagasaki City has announced a proposed plan that would provide priority repairs and maintenance to several buildings on Hashima Island (aka. Gunkanjima), including former mineworkers’ housing and school buildings.

The five buildings that were selected are considered to be in a condition where they can still be maintained to some extent. The plans include rust-proofing and adding additional reinforcing to the structures, although exact details have yet to be decided. Two other islands, which also have traces of coal mining activities, may also be included in the final plan which is expected to be submitted to the Nagasaki Mayor in May.

The buildings include:

  • Building 16 (c1918, 9-storey, RC, 66-unit apartment building)
  • Building 17 (c1918, 9-storey, RC, 54-unit apartment building)
  • Building 65 (c1945, 9-storey, RC, 317-unit apartment building)
  • Building 3 (c1959, 4-storey, RC, 20-unit apartment building)
  • Elementary and middle school building (c1958, 7-storey)

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