A look at the demolition of the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

The demolition of the 140m tall Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka is underway with the building now standing at three-quarters of its original height. 

The work is being carried out by a joint venture between Taisei Corporation and Seibu Construction using the ‘Taisei Ecological Reproduction System’ (Teco-Rep System).  Assistant Director of Taisei’s Construction Engineering Development Department, Mr. Hideki Ichihara, explains the process:

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Akasaka Prince Hotel Redevelopment Plans Announced

Akasaka Prince Hotel

Due to aging, increasing maintenance and competition from  foreign-owned hotels, the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka will close in March, 2011 and will be demolished. Of the three buildings on the site, the oldest building dating from 1930 will be kept.

The current 139m 40-storey hotel was designed by Kenzo Tange and opened in 1983. It was hugely popular during the bubble, but lack of adequate maintenance and the introduction of foreign hotels to the market in the last decade has greatly reduced its appeal.

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