[Foreclosed] House in Chiba’s ‘Beverly Hills’

Chiba One Hundred Hills 1

A 4-bedroom house in One Hundred Hills (Chiba Prefecture’s version of Beverly Hills) has been foreclosed on and will go up for public auction in May. The minimum bid is set at 51,656,000 Yen.

*Update: The winning bid was 65,126,000 Yen. Three bids were submitted and the winner was a corporate buyer.

One Hundred Hills is a high-end residential estate that was developed by Tokyu Land in the late 1980s. The first homes in the neighbourhood were between 400 ~ 500 sqm (4300 ~ 5380 sqft) in size and were priced from 500 million ~ 1.5 billion Yen when new. Tokyu had subdivided the 17 hectare estate into 60 lots and had sold 24 of the 49 homes they had built by the time the bubble burst. 

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Farmer donates land to Kashiwa City

Mr. Ryoichi Iinuma (right) and the Kashiwa City Mayor (left)

A farmer in Kashiwa City, Chiba, has donated a 5350sqm block of land to the city to be used for a children’s playground and as an emergency evacuation site.

The land has a market value of approximately 640 million Yen (8.3 million USD). It is 700 meters from JR Minami Kashiwa Station and is adjacent to the Shintomicho residential neighborhood.

Mr. Ryoichi Iinuma’s request is that the land is used for the benefit of the community and is not subdivided. The block adjoins Mr. Iinuma’s home and is currently planted with chestnut trees.

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Danchi reconstruction cancelled due to liquefaction

Reconstruction plans for the Sodegaura Danchi public housing project in Chiba’s Narashino City have been put on hold as the recent liquefaction in the area caused by the March 11 Tohoku earthquake has deterred potential buyers for apartments in the new project.

The Sodegaura Danchi was built in 1967 and has 250 units. It is built on reclaimed land on Tokyo Bay and is a 45 minute drive from central Tokyo. A 3-bedroom apartment in the complex can be rented for as low as 60,000 Yen/month (780 USD).

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