Eviction orders for Gamagori hotel

The Toyohashi branch of the Nagoya District Court has issued an eviction order to the religious organization that is using the former Gamagori Fukinuki Sightseeing Hotel in Miyacho, Gamagori City. The court is ordering the land to be returned to its owner (Miyacho) and the building to be demolished.

The original hotel opened in 1939 and has undergone many alterations and extensions over the years. During its prime, the hotel was Miyacho’s leading hot spring resort. However, in 1998 the hotel filed for bankruptcy with debts over 3 billion Yen. It was later put up for public auction with a minimum bid of 956 million Yen. A buddhist organization purchased the building, but not the land, from Miyacho in 2004 and were charged an annual land rent of 3.8 million Yen. They demolished several buildings and refurbished the main hotel which had previously been damaged by fire.

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Prince Hotel Gamagori sold

Kuretakeso, a hotel and wedding hall developer based in Hamamatsu City, announced that they will be acquiring the Prince Hotel Gamagori from the Prince Hotel chain. The hotel will be handed over on March 30, 2012, and the name will be changed to Gamagori Classic Hotel. The hotel will be revamped as a resort hotel and will also be used for wedding ceremonies. The total investment, including renovations to the rooms, is estimated at 1 billion Yen.

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