Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest

Average price: 2,500,000 ~ 4,000,000 Yen/sqm
Size range: 71.02 ~ 176.33 sqm (764 ~  1897 sqft)

Area: Mita, Minato-ku


The first round of sales was held on July 26 ~ July 27, 2014. 80 apartments priced from 120 ~ 700 million Yen were offered for sale under a lottery-type system. All new apartments had sold out by December 2014.

Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest is located directly behind the Australian Embassy and across the street from the Tsunamachi Mitsui Club.

The Park Mansion series of apartments are the highest-grade offering by Mitsui Fudosan Residential and are considered one of the most luxurious brands of apartments in Japan. They are suited to owner-occupiers and have spacious floor plans and quality finishes.

The 11-storey building is located on a 6150 sqm block of land and apartments may have views of the surrounding greenery of the Australian Embassy and historic Mitsui Club. It is also near Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion (1971) which was the very first of Mitsui’s Park Mansions.

The building was completed in January 2016.

Features include a private gated entrance from the street, porte cochere, garden lounge and guest villa.

Apartments include floor heating in the living/dining and bedrooms, walk-in closets and trunkroom storage.

Monthly building management and repair fund fees are approximately 700 ~ 800 Yen/sqm (based on apartment’s interior floor area).

Pricing when new

When new, apartments were priced from 120 ~ 700 million Yen, with an average price of around 2,110,000 Yen/sqm. Several apartments were priced over 4,000,000 Yen/sqm, which was a record high for apartments in Tokyo.  Given the size of the site, the premier location, luxurious design and strong demand in the luxury market at the moment, it is not surprising that the developer had set such strong prices.

While south-facing apartments are normally the most expensive apartments in a building due to the amount of natural light they receive, in this building the north-facing apartments are the most desirable ones as they face the Australian Embassy grounds. North facing apartments in this building are around 17% higher on average than south-facing apartments. The most coveted apartments are facing the north-east as they have views of both the embassy grounds and the Mitsui Club estate. North-east facing apartments were priced at an average of 2,990,000 Yen/sqm when new.

This pricing is in line with other modern Park Mansion buildings in prime areas which are priced upwards of 2,000,000 Yen/sqm.

All apartments in Park Mansion Akasaka Hikawazaka (2,190,000 Yen/sqm) sold out 7 months prior to completion. Apartments listed for resale in Park Mansion Roppongi (2009) may be priced anywhere from 1,900,000 ~ 3,000,000 Yen/sqm and higher.

Apartments in the nearby Park Mansion Mita Hyugazaka were 2,150,000 Yen/sqm when new in 2011.


2-1 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Azabu Juban Station – 7 min walk
Mita Station – 13 min walk
Tamachi Station – 15 min walk

Completion: January 2016
No. of units: 98
Construction: 11 Stories
Construction Company: Kajima Corporation
Developer: Mitsui Fudosan Residential
Carparking: 78 spaces
Land size: 6150.54 sqm
Land ownership: Freehold

Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 2

Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 3
Approximate view from the 9th floor looking east.
Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 4
North view

Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 6

Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 7

Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 130E Type Floorplan
^ 130E Type 3-Bedroom 132.09 sqm (1421 sqft) + 5.36 sqm balcony.
Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 150CE Type Floorplan
^ 150C Type 3-Bedroom 151.24 sqm (1627 sqft) + 29.01 sqm balcony.
Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 150D Type Floorplan
^ 150D Type 3-Bedroom 153.00 sqm (1646 sqft) + 25.48 sqm balcony.
Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 170A Type Floorplan
^ Apt. 905 3-Bedroom 165.17 sqm (1777 sqft) + 85.01 sqm roof terrace.
Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest 180A Type Floorplan
^ Apt. 908 3-Bedrooms 176.33 sqm (1897 sqft) + 17.83 sqm balcony + 4.90 sqm roof terrace.
Park Mansion Mita Tsunamachi The Forest Apartment 1004.
Apt. 1004 2-Bedrooms + Study 167.27 sqm (1,800 sqft) + 35.47 sqm atelier + 63.11 sqm roof terrace.

The following is a list of apartments that were listed for sale in the past, or that have sold. Please understand that these apartments may no longer be available for sale.

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