Six hotels demand compensation from TEPCO

Six hotels in Akita Prefecture are seeking a total of 12.8 million Yen (166,000 USD) in compensation from TEPCO. The hotels claim that the nuclear power plant disaster has led to cancellations from foreign visitors, which has reduced their operating revenue.

The hotels are part of the Akita Prefecture Ryokan Association. The Association submitted the claim for compensation to TEPCO on their behalf. The claim by each hotel ranges from 120,000 to 5,200,000 Yen.

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3480 homes completely destroyed in Kanto area following Tohoku disaster

An investigation by the Tokyo Shimbun has found that as many as 3480 homes in the Kanto area were completely destroyed in the Tohoku disaster. A further 2815 homes were partially destroyed and will need to be demolished. In some areas, the number of partially destroyed homes equalled the number that were completely destroyed.

Homeowners may be eligible to receive a maximum of 3 million Yen as compensation, but high construction costs mean that very few homes are being rebuilt. It has been almost 11 months since the disaster and the full extent of the damage is only now coming to the surface.

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Osaka sees first net inflow of new residents since 1973

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released information on the migration movements within Japan in 2011 using data from the basic resident registers. Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures each saw a net outflow as residents moved out of the disaster-struck areas. The number of residents moving out exceeded the number of residents moving in to these three prefectures by 41,226. This is the first time since 1970 that the number has exceeded 40,000 residents.

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Brick warehouse in Gunma at risk of demolition

A 90 year old red-brick warehouse built during the Taisho period in Ora Town, Gunma, is at risk of being demolished in the near future.

The building was once used in the production of “nakanogasuri” – a style of cloth-weaving dyed with wooden patterns, and is now owned by the JA Oura Tatebayashi Agricultural Cooperative (JA). The warehouse suffered structural damage during the Tohoku earthquake and the owner has expressed intent to demolish the structure.

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Tepco finds buyer for Suginami sports ground

Suginami-ku announced plans to purchase a 4.3 hectare sports ground in Shimotakaido 2 Chome from troubled Tepco. The Tokyo ward has included the 6 billion Yen acquisition cost in their 2012 budget.

The sports ground includes tennis courts, a baseball field and a running track. Tepco had previously leased the grounds to the ward for local residents to use.

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Tsunami-hit homeowners to receive 80% of former land values

The coastal part of Shinchi Town before and after the March 11 tsunami

The town of Shinchi in Fukushima Prefecture will soon begin the process of buying up land in coastal areas from residents who have been displaced from the March 11 tsunami. This is the first town to announce official plans and set purchase values.

The land will be purchased at 80% of the government assessed land values (koji-chika) that were valued prior to the disaster.

There are five towns and cities along the tsunami-hit coastline, incuding Minamisoma, Soma, Iwaki, Hirano and Shinchi, that plan to relocate residents to higher ground. In Shinchi, 500 homes were fully or partially destroyed by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

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