Private home converted into contemporary apartments 

A 31-year old private home in Takanawadai is currently undergoing a conversion into a 4-unit apartment building. Leading the project is cooperative house developer Archinet.

This was originally the home of Yasumi Yoshitake (1916-2013), an architect and professor emeritus at Tokyo University. His father was one of the architects of the National Diet Building. Yoshitake is also credited with coming up with the prototype layout used for Japan’s public housing apartment blocks in 1951. The layout, which separated the dining/kitchen from the bedrooms went on to be more commonly known as the 2DK (2 rooms plus dining/kitchen). 

The concept of this conversion is to create four living spaces ranging in size from 64.89 ~ 126.06 sqm, with one, two and three-bedroom layouts. The existing exterior tiles will be repaired, and the rooftop will be re-sealed for waterproofing. In addition, an elevator, auto-lock system, bicycle parking, and parcel delivery lockers will be installed. The basement will have storage rooms and a free space for residents.

Unlike typical apartments which are sold fully fitted out, these apartments will be sold as bare concrete shells, with internal works to be completed to each buyer’s taste and preferences. 

All four apartments have already sold out, with the new residents to move in from May 2022.

Source: R.E.Port, March 8, 2022. 

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