Tokyo records net outflow of foreign residents in 2020

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Statistics Division’s report on population movements in the capital in 2020, the metropolitan area saw the total population grow by 8,600 residents (both Japanese and foreigners) over the year. This is the 25th year in a row to see a year-on-year increase. The total population in the metropolitan area reached 13,960,236 residents as of January 1, 2021, while the population of the 23 wards increased by 2,154 to 9,655,266 residents.

While this may not look like a large increase in the 23 wards, the Japanese population actually increased by 31,248 in 2020. At the same time, the number of foreign residents shrank by 29,094.

A total of 306,422 Japanese residents moved into Tokyo from other prefectures and 279,445 moved out, resulting in a net inflow of 26,977 in 2020. 22 of the 23 wards saw a net inflow of residents, with Edogawa ward seeing a net outflow of 1,221 Japanese residents. 

For the foreign resident population, 25,675 moved into Tokyo’s 23 wards from other prefectures while 33,886 moved out, resulting in a net outflow of 8,211 residents. The only wards to see a net inflow were Chiyoda (+2), Shinagawa (+96), and Shibuya (+19). 

The 23 wards saw 332,097 residents, both Japanese and foreign, move in from other prefectures, and 313,331 residents move out, resulting in a net inflow of 18,766.

Source: The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, January 28, 2021.

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