Art museum to open on 43-acre estate in Kamakura

A prominent jewelry company has been selected to open a jewelry-themed art museum on a 43-acre estate in Kamakura. The city-owned land was originally owned by the Nomura Research Institute (NRI) and was donated to Kamakura City in 2002.

Back in 1966, the Kamakura research center opened as Japan’s first privately-run think tank, and was the NRI headquarters until 1987, after which it was used as general office space. When NRI was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2001, they decided to donate the 175,000 sqm property to Kamakura as a thank you. Since then, the city has struggled to find a suitable use for it. In 2009 they spent 28 million Yen to convert the existing buildings into a fever clinic for the 2009 swine flu pandemic but the clinic was never put into use.

The city selected Fukuoka City-based Albion Art from three bidders. The proposed plan involves demolishing the old research center buildings, and building a new 4-story building of 5,700 sqm. Construction is scheduled to start in 2022, with the museum to open in 2024. 

The land will be leased for 30 years with an annual land rent of 22 million Yen (approx. US$213,000).

The former Institute

Source: The Tokyo Shimbun, December 10, 2020.

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