For Sale: 5 traditional Japanese homes in Kamakura

Let’s take a look at several traditional Japanese homes currently listed for sale in Kamakura. This popular beachside city is just 48 minutes by train from central Tokyo and 25 minutes from Yokohama, making it relatively commutable for city workers. It’s also an appealing destination for weekend visitors and holiday-home owners.

The pace is decidedly laid back, with lush green mountainside, sandy beaches and surf, traditional streetscapes, temples, shrines, and the 700+-year-old Great Buddha. 

(1) Hase House

3 Bed + 1 Bath / House: 107 m2 (1,151 sq.ft) / No longer available

Built around 1932, this is a 2-story wooden house with three bedrooms and a south-facing garden. It is 200 meters from the beach and a 2-minute walk from Hase Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway. The Hasedera shrine is a 5-minute walk away, and the Great Buddha is an 8-minute walk. Next-door is cafe Chez Samantha, housed in a traditional kominka.

This property is on leasehold land (under the old system), and has an annual land rent of 380,016 Yen (approx. US$3,500). The landowner’s permission is required before this property can be sold.

(2) Dai House

4 Rooms + 1 Bath / House: 131 m2 (1,410 sq.ft) / ¥66,000,000 (Approx. US$616,000)

This single-story home is an 11-minute walk from Kita-Kamakura Station and a 12-minute walk to Engakuji temple. It was originally two kominkas that were relocated here from the Tohoku region. The land is freehold and has outdoor parking for up to two vehicles.

(3) Omachi House

4 Rooms + 1 Bath / House: 101 m2 (1,087 sq.ft) / No longer available

Located in a suburban neighborhood away from the tourist spots, this is a single-story kominka-style home with three tatami rooms and one bedroom. The age of the house is unknown. It includes outside parking and a small south-facing garden. The land is freehold. It’s a 20-minute walk from Zaimokuza beach and a 16-minute walk from Kamakura Station.

(4) Jochi-ji Temple House

4 Rooms + 1 Bath / House: 148 m2 (1,592 sq.ft) / ¥118,000,000 (Approx. US$1,100,000)

This is a traditional single-story kominka dating from 1942. What makes this property special is that it is located within the grounds of Jochi-ji Temple, a buddhist zen temple that was established in 1283. The house sits on a 807 sqm lot surrounded by forest and is a 9-minute walk from Kita Kamakura Station. This property is on leasehold land (under the old system) with an annual land rent of 440,280 Yen (approx. US$4,130).

(5) Inamuragasaki House

4 Rooms + 1 Bath / House: 160 m2 (1,722 sq.ft) / ¥150,000,000 (Approx. US$1,400,000)

This single-story home includes almost an acre of freehold land (much of it is hillside). The age of the house is unknown, but possibly pre-war with some additions made over the years. An outdoor deck provides a glimpse of the ocean.

* Pricing is in Japanese Yen. USD figures are provided as a general guide only at the exchange rate as of publishing (1 USD: 107.14 Yen).
* Please understand that these properties may have sold since publication.

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