Daiwa House offering 3-month rent deferment to 500,000 tenants

On April 22, Daiwa House announced that they will be offering a three month rental-deferment plan to approximately 500,000 of their residential tenants. The company understands that tenants may be struggling with finances due to the economic impact of the global coronavirus pandemic and is offering this without the need for tenants to prove any proof of loss in income.

This applies to properties where Daiwa Living Management is the lessor. The rent deferment includes additional charges such as car parking and common area fees, and can be used by tenants under both private and corporate leases. Online applications can be made between April 23 to June 30. The deferred rent can be repaid over a maximum two-year term. 

Daito Trust Construction (aka Daito Kentaku) is also offering a three month rental-deferment to their tenants. It applies only to properties where Daito is the lessor. Applications can be made until the end of June 2020. Repayments of the deferred rent can be made over a maximum span of two years. 

Daiwa Living, April 23, 2020.
Jiji Press, April 22, 2020.

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