For Sale: Five apartments with roof terraces in Kagurazaka

With winter almost over and warmer weather on its way, it’s a good time to consider apartments that offer their own private roof terraces. We have sourced five apartments for sale in the Kagurazaka neighborhood that each have their own roof terraces.

(1) Brillia Kagurazaka id 7F

2 Bed + 1 Bath / 60.17 m2 (647 sq.ft) / ¥81,800,000 (Approx. US$738,000)

On the 7th floor of a 9-story building, this unit is south and east facing with an open-plan kitchen and 11 sqm roof terrace. It’s just a 3-minute walk from the traditional cobblestoned Hyogo Yokocho Alley.

(2) Park House Kagurazaka Urbance 5F

2 Bed + 1 Bath / 60.53 m2 (651 sq.ft) / ¥83,000,000 (Approx. US$750,000)

A penthouse unit just 300 meters from Kagurazaka Street. This one features a wrap-around roof terrace.

(3) Premist Kagurazaka 8F-9F

1 Bed + 1 Bath / 79.28 m2 (853 sq.ft) / ¥98,800,000 (Approx. US$891,000)

A two-level apartment on the top floors of the building. The upstairs bedroom opens onto two roof terraces with a total outdoor area of 27 sqm.

(4) Viequ Court Ichigaya Kagacho 4FSOLD

2 Bed + 1 Bath / 86.39 m2 (930 sq.ft) / SOLD

A corner unit at the rear of the building with a 43 sqm roof terrace, floor heating, tatami corner, and study.

(5) Kagurazaka High-Rise 8F-9F

4 Bed + 1 Bath / 112.22 m2 (1,207 sq.ft) / ¥125,000,000 (Approx. US$1,128,000)

This is the largest apartment currently for sale around Kagurazaka. It’s a two-level unit on the top two floors of the building and comes with a 25 sqm roof terrace. 

About Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka flourished during the Edo period as a geisha district. Some of the traditional elements remain today, seen in cobblestone laneways and kaiseki-style restaurants. It is now a haven for those seeking charming streets, cafes and dining options ranging from low to high end. 

Market Data as of February 2020:

The rate of growth in land values hastened in 2019, with government land valuations at selected survey sites up 8 ~ 9% in 2019 after 5% growth in 2018. Since 2013, land values have risen by as much as 35%.

Current listings:

  • Median apartment size: 46.68 m2 (502 sq.ft)
  • Median apartment price: 1,021,000 Yen/m2 (approx. US$850/sq.ft)
  • Median building age: 16 years
  • Median listing duration: 36 days

Past sales (12 months):

  • Median apartment size: 70.13 m2 (755 sq.ft)
  • Median sales price: 1,108,000 Yen/m2
  • Median discount: 0.9% (41% of transactions sold with zero discount)
  • Median building age: 9 years
  • Median time to sell: 46 days

* Pricing is in Japanese Yen. USD figures are provided as a general guide only at the exchange rate as of publishing (1 USD: 110.816 JPY).

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