Sales in Park Tower Kachidoki to start in June 2020

The latest high-rise apartment project on Tokyo Bay will go on sale from June 2020. Park Tower Kachidoki Mid and Park Tower Kachidoki South form part of a three-tower project on the manmade island of Kachidoki. 

*Update: Sales were delayed until November 2020. The first round of sales in Park Tower Kachidoki Mid will include apartments ranging in size from 25.05 ~ 153.05 sqm and priced from 36 ~ 349 million Yen.

Park Tower Kachidoki Mid is a 45-story, 159m tall tower with 1,121 apartments, while Park Tower Kachidoki South is a 58-story, 189m tall tower with 1,665 apartments. Completion is scheduled for August 2023, with apartments ready to move into from April 2024 onwards. They will be joined by a third tower called Grand Marina Tokyo Shops & Residence which will be 29 stories with 464 apartments. Construction will start in 2025 and should be completed by 2028. Altogether, this project will result in 3,250 new apartments being supplied.

Apartments in Mid will range in size from 25 ~ 153 sqm (269 ~ 1,646 sq.ft), while those in South will range from 55 ~ 144 sqm (592 ~ 1,549 sq.ft). Apartments on premium floors 44 and 45 will feature ceiling heights of up to 3,000mm in the living rooms, and executive floors 42 and 43 will have ceiling heights of up to 2,850mm in the living rooms. Superior Plan apartments on floors 22 to 42 will have ceilings height of up to 2,650mm in the living rooms.

Sales will start in June 2020 for Mid (since delayed to November 2020). Prices range from 36 million Yen for 25 sqm units, up to the 349 million Yen range for 150sqm+ units.


Kachidoki 4 Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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