A typical workday for a real estate broker in Japan

This is an example of one of my workdays. If you were ever wondering what a real estate broker in Tokyo does during the day, this might be of interest. 


  • Before work, scan over the news for anything real estate-related.
  • Check and respond to overnight emails.
  • Call agents from inspections over the weekend to provide feedback.
  • Book an inspection for a client later in the week (this required several calls and emails throughout the day to an unresponsive agent).
  • Prepare comps for a client.
  • Check the status of current listings on the market, any changes in prices or any recent sales.


  • Lunchtime inspection with client.


  • Site visit of a new listing. Check the surroundings for any potential developments/impacts.
  • Phone calls with seller’s side, scrivener and buyer to arrange a time for a contract signing between all parties. 
  • Two offers received from buyers. Submit and discuss them with the sellers’ sides.
  • Search for listings for a client.
  • Follow up on negotiations with buyers.
  • Meet with a listing agent to go over available properties and new ones coming to the market.
  • Email interview with a journalist.


  • Reply to inquiries.
  • Set up an inspection with an agent.
  • Check for any new listings that came up during the day.

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