Added flights to limit building heights in Tokyo

Building height limits could soon be introduced across a large swathe of Tokyo as part of the new flight routes in and out of Haneda Airport. 

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is considering implementing height limits in 14 of Tokyo’s 23 special wards, as well as in Musashino City. The height restrictions may extend from Meguro Ward in the south to Adachi Ward in the north, and from Kita Ward through to Musashino City in the west.

To ensure adequate space between aircraft and buildings, building heights may be limited to 225 ~ 301 meters above sea level depending on the distance from Haneda Airport. Some buildings may be permitted to be taller if the MLIT approves. 

Haneda’s expanded routes will start next March, allowing flights over central Tokyo during the day depending on weather and congestion. The area around Oimachi Station in Shinagawa Ward will see aircraft passing just 300 meters above. At ground level, a Boeing 777 passing overhead at 300 meters would create 80 decibels – the same level of noise found inside a Pachinko parlor.

The new building height rules could be announced as early as this month.

Source: The Tokyo Shimbun, October 30, 2019.

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