Onsen, retail and event space planned for Shimokitazawa Station area

Odakyu Electric Railway has released their development plan for the newly freed space above the underground section of railway that runs between Yoyogi Uehara and Umegaoka Stations. 

The Shimokitazawa District Use Plan is centered around Shimokitazawa Station. The project will see various commercial spaces built, including a Kaldi test kitchen and cafe (Dec. 2019), a 2,000 sqm onsen (Sept. 2020), childcare and community center (Apr. 2020), terrace housing (Apr. 2020), a 1700 sqm hotel (Dec. 2020), and a 5-story 2,500 sqm student dormitory (Nov. 2020).

This underground section of the Odakyu Line was opened in 2013.

Source: Odakyu Electric Railway News Release, September 24, 2019.

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