Now you can rent a 26-room town hall for US$2500

The former Myogi Town Office Building in Gunma Prefecture is up for rent for 275,000 Yen/month (approx. US$2500). 

The 26-room building has a total floor area of over 1,800 sqm (19,300 sq.ft). It was built in 1979 and served as a government office building until 2017. City officials have been looking for a use for the building since its closure as a way to offset maintenance costs. 

Tomioka City is accepting applications through its homepage from prospective tenants until October 25. Aside from an obvious ban on any immoral activities, there are no limitations on how the tenant may use the property. The lease includes the furnished former mayor’s office, as well as council chambers.

In 2003 Myogi Town merged with nearby Tomioka City. Before its merger, the town’s population was 4,900. 

The Tokyo Shimbun, October 2, 2019.
TV Asahi, October 7, 2019.

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