Two new luxury boathouse rentals surface in Ine, Kyoto

Two more traditional boathouses in Ine, Kyoto, have been refurbished into luxury overnight accommodation.

The two houses were purchased by a local resident, who then spent around 74 million Yen (685,000 USD) restoring them. Nightly rates for of the waterfront home, Ine Funaya Stay Minagi, start from 48,000 Yen (approx. 445 USD). The second house, Ine Stay Tokiwa, starts from 36,000 Yen (approx. 335 USD) per night.

The town’s tourism department says the recent conversion of several of the once-vacant boathouses into high-end accommodation has had a positive effect on the local neighborhood, and hopes others are inspired to offer similar accommodations. 

The fishing neighborhood sits in a small inlet. ‘Funaya’ boathouses started popping up in the middle of the Edo period. The very first houses had traditional thatched roofs. Built right on the water’s edge, the homes have boat moorings on the ground floor, with living areas upstairs. The last of the thatched-roof homes disappeared in the 1960s.

Of the 230 boathouses, as many as 10% sit empty as the younger generation have since moved away to larger cities. The close-knit nature of this community makes it very difficult, and even near-impossible for outsiders to rent or buy these boathouses. Indeed, the two homes recently renovated were purchased by a local.

Accommodation listings in Ine, including several traditional boathouses, can be found here: (English page).

Source: The Kyoto Shimbun, July 11, 2019.

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