Luxury villas planned for Miura waterfront

A waterfront district down in Kanagawa’s Miura Peninsula is being pushed as a potential luxury resort targeting wealthy foreigners. A current development proposal includes villas and high-end condominiums that could include their own berths for mega-yachts along with 20-minute access by helicopter from Tokyo. The villas could range in size from 340 ~ 1,120 sqm (3,658 ~ 12,000 sq.ft).

The Futamachiya District in Miura City is a reclaimed block of oceanfront land. Both Miura City and Tokyo-based Yasuda Shipyard Co., have been collaborating on a potential use for the 7-hectare site since 2017, with a tentative agreement for Yasuda to purchase the land. If a change in zoning is approved, it could allow for the construction of residential buildings, paving the way for villas and condos.

The reclaimed land was created by the prefecture and city in 1996 to help promote the local fishing industry. However, the economic malaise of the 1990s saw the land sit idle and unsold for many years. The public corporation established to develop the land was dissolved in 2010 with the city assuming the 10 billion Yen of debt. Further attempts to sell off subdivided blocks have been made since 2007. 


Misaki, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

A proposal submitted by Kanagawa Prefecture

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