Official sales marketing for the Athlete’s Village in Tokyo’s Harumi Island was announced last week. The Athlete’s Village will be completed in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with the buildings to be converted into a mix of condo-type and rental-type apartments afterwards. Some additional buildings will be completed after the Olympics have finished.

The tentatively-named ‘Harumi Flag’ project will include 5,632 apartments spread over 23 buildings and will house up to 12,000 residents. The 18 hectare site is located on the southern end of Harumi Island – a man-made island located in Tokyo Bay.

This town-within-a-town or ‘open village’ development will include retail, commercial, a planned elementary/middle school, day care facilities, a hydrogen station and a fire station. 4,145 of the 5,632 apartments will be released for sale, with the remainder to be rental-only units and serviced apartments. The two, three and four bedroom apartments will range in size from 61 ~ 152 sqm (656 ~ 1,635 sq.ft), with the majority of apartments in the 85 sqm (915 sq.ft) range. This is about 30% larger than the average apartment size supplied across Tokyo’s central six wards over the past 10 years, and 21% larger than the average size for the bayside area. The largest apartment in the project is a 152 sqm, four-bed, one-bath unit with a 64 sqm private roof terrace located in Block 4. Ceiling heights will be a maximum of 2,450mm in Block 4 and 2,500mm in Blocks 5 and 6.

Distance from transport is a contentious point with this location with the nearest station, Kachidoki Station, located a 17 ~ 22 minute walk away, depending on the building. Proximity to the nearest station is a critical factor for apartment dwellers in Tokyo. The city is putting efforts into a bus rapid transport system to help alleviate the transport issue and provide commuters with access to Tokyo’s business district. The bus system will only be able to transport 1,200 ~ 2,000 passengers per hour in its initial stages, falling far below the capacity of the train system.

Sales are scheduled to start in late May 2019 (this date has since been delayed until late July 2019). Prices have yet to be announced. Delivery of the apartments to buyers will start from late March 2023 through to 2024.


Harumi 5 Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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