Kyoto Nijo Castle Machiya Project – Part 11


Follow our journey as we renovate a traditional machiya townhouse in Kyoto. Once complete, the renovated machiya will be offered for sale.

We finally have a new staircase. No more climbing a ladder to check upstairs. The original staircase was cramped, dark and enclosed and did not feel sturdy. Fitting new staircases into old machiya is a challenge as there are quite a few restraints when working within the existing structure. We configured the new staircase to have a small L-shape in order to fit the tight space and meet the new, lowered floor.

The roof over the downstairs bathroom is being replaced. We removed an old aluminum deck that was on top of this roof. It was precariously placed and awkward to use. It had to go. The thin and short plywood door leading to the roof has been removed and replaced with an insulated wall.

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