Hiroshima’s Naked Island sold

Hiroshima Sukune IslandSukune Island in Hiroshima Prefecture sold at public auction to a private bidder for 7,788,800 Yen. The price was a little over 3 times the evaluation price set by the court. 

A total of 10 bids were made on the 7400 sqm island. The winning bidder is the manager of a rental apartment building in nearby Fukuyama City. The 73-year old does not have immediate plans for the island.

An association of film fans had previously sought donations to purchase the island with plans to donate it to Mihara City. Their offer of 3.02 million Yen was the third highest bid. They are considering negotiating with the new buyer to purchase the island from him.

The uninhabited island is famous for being featured in the 1960 film ‘The Naked Island‘ by director Kaneto Shindo.

The Chugoku Shimbun, February 14, 2014.
The Sankei Shimbun, February 14, 2014.

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