1420-unit apartment building for Kachidoki

Construction of a 53-storey high-rise condominium in Kachidoki will officially begin on September 1st. The residential tower will contain 1,420 apartments, making it the second largest apartment building in Japan (based on the total number of apartments in one building).

The Kachidoki 5 Chome Redevelopment project (which has since been named ‘Kachidoki The Tower‘ includes a 179 meter tall Y-shaped residential tower, along with two low-rise buildings. The lower floors will contain local government facilities and retail space. The building is scheduled to be completed in early 2016. The total project cost is 66.4 billion Yen (approximately 680 million USD).

The building name has yet to be announced.

The majority of the 1.9 hectare development site was originally home to the Toei Tsukishima Apaato (a local public housing complex). The old 5-storey buildings were vacated several years ago.

It is across the street from The Tokyo Towers.

The arterial No. 2 Ring Road will run along the north-eastern boundary of the property. The former 2-lane street will become a major two-level expressway.

The No. 2 Ring Road that will run past The Tokyo Towers and the Kachidoki 5 Chome project.

Currently, the largest building in terms of scale is the nearby ‘The Tokyo Towers Mid Tower‘ which contains 1,461 apartments. The Tokyo Towers has three separate residential buildings and is the largest in Japan with a total of 2,794 apartments. The total floor area is 383,345 sqm, which exceeds that of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

The World City Towers condominium in Konan, Minato-ku, has 2,090 apartments. While this complex is connected structurally via the basement, aboveground it is separated into three separate buildings.

The Tokyo Towers (left) and World City Towers (right).

Tokyo’s bayside man-made islands are home to an increasing number of new high-rise condominiums, including:

Source: The Nikkei Shimbun, August 27, 2013.

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