Inspections of pre-1981 buildings far from complete

As part of an effort to assess the earthquake-resistance of older buildings in Tokyo, the City announced on March 4 that only 6.8% of rental-only residential buildings and 17.1% of condominiums built prior to 1981 to the old earthquake codes (called kyu-taishin) have been inspected.

As of August 2011, 133,188 buildings over 3-storeys tall were counted in Tokyo. 24,694 buildings (18.5%) were kyu-taishin. Of those, 12,802 were rental-only and 11,892 were condominiums.

So far, 3.4% of the pre-1981 rental-only buildings have had earthquake-retrofitting work carried out, while 5.9% of the condominiums have been earthquake-retrofitted.

Source: SankeiBiz, March 5, 2013.

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