Tokyo company offers cat-rental along with apartment

One association in Tokyo has taken the concept of pet-friendly apartments to the next level by offering rental apartments that include a cat as part of their lease terms.

In Sumida-ku, home of the Tokyo Sky Tree, non-profit organisation Tokyo Cat Guardian (TGC) have been operating a rental apartment complex where tenants can share their room with a cat from the shelter. When applying to rent a room, the applicant must pass a strict evaluation by the organisation to ensure they are capable of caring for the animal. The tenant can then choose a cat of their choice from the shelter to room with. The tenant is responsible to pay for the cat’s food and vet bills during their tenancy. When moving out, the tenant can elect to adopt the cat permanently or can return it to the shelter.

If, for whatever reason, you and your cat are incompatible, you can return it for another.

TGC have been operating cat-included rental apartments since 2010. They approach landlords and find properties that are pet friendly, then advertise for tenants through their association’s website.

Tokyo Cat Guardian

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