Lose weight and pay less rent?

One share house in Osaka has come up with a unique concept of combining weight loss with rent. The ‘Beauty&Diet Ladies Sharehouse’ in Suita City is offering tenants a discount of 1,000 Yen off their monthly rent for each kilogram they lose while living in the house.

The monthly rent charged to each tenant is calculated by how much they each weigh. For every 1 kg, you are charged 1,000 Yen/month in rent. Lose weight, and your rent goes down. The landlord, Broad Enterprise, believe this might be the first of its kind in the world.

The share house features an exercise room, four types of bathtubs to ‘increase metabolism’ and blue walls to ‘suppress appetite’. The nearest McDonald’s is at least a 20 minute walk away. The share house is targeted at people who want to lose weight, with the idea that flatmates will provide a support system for each other. There is a weigh-in every three months whereby each tenant’s rent is adjusted.

But beware, if you gain weight, your rent will increase accordingly.

New tenants will receive scales as a welcome gift, as well as a gift voucher to one of the beauty salons owned by the landlord company.

The Beauty&Diet share house is open to the public every weekend in October while they advertise for tenants. There are plans to open similar share houses across Japan in the near future.


– Location: 5-3-27 Minamisuita, Suita City, Osaka
– Transport: 20 min walk to Esaka Station on the Midosuji Line
– Rent: Your weight (kg) x 1,000 Yen/month
– Utilities: 20,000 Yen
– Rooms: 25
– Homepage: http://www.beautydiet-house.jp/

*This is a female-only sharehouse

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