Nishiazabu condominium to offer Mercedes Benz car sharing

On September 4, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence launched the sales gallery for The Parkhouse Nishiazabu Residence condominium. The developer is promoting, in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, a new service for residents of the building called “Premium Owner’s Support.” This includes car sharing and chauffeur services and is said to be a first in the industry.

Mercedes Benz will have several cars parked in the building’s car park and residents have to option to borrow the cars to drive themselves, or can use a chauffeur. Residents will also be invited to Mercedes Benz events, such as test drives of new cars and various parties.

Visitors to the apartment showroom in Aoyama will also be driven to and from the construction site in the newest Mercedes S Class.

The Parkhouse Nishiazabu Residence is being developed by Mitsubishi in a joint venture with CapitaLand and SECOM Home Life Co. At 24 stories, it will be the first building over 19 stories built in the Nishazabu 1 ~ 4 Chome address since 1970.

The modelroom opens later this month and sales are scheduled to begin by the end of November. The 190 apartments range in size from 42.01 to 124.47 sqm (452 ~ 1,342 sqft) and are priced from 40 ~ 290 million Yen (510,000 ~ 3,700,000 USD). Approximately 80% of apartments are priced over 100 million Yen (1.27 million USD). There are 41 different floor plans, and three will be on display at the showroom gallery, including the 124 sqm ‘President Suite’ with 4 meter ceilings, walnut and ash veneers, limestone floors and Dornbracht faucets. This apartment, with just one bedroom, is priced at 290 million Yen (2,340,000 Yen/sqm). The price per square meter is higher than what you could pay for an apartment in Roppongi Hills, or Mori’s new Ark Hills Sengokuyama.

The 120c type ‘President Suite’ 1-bedroom penthouse. Price when new: 290,000,000 Yen.

The condominium is located on the site of the former “Hong Kong Garden Azabu Geihinso”, a famed restaurant. The area has many notable luxury condominiums including Hiroo Garden Hills, Azabu Kasumicho Park Mansion, The House Minamiazabu, Park House Azabu Kasumicho and Park House Nishiazabu.

There are two other luxury apartments currently on sale in the area. They are Hiroo Garden Forest and Proud Minamiazabu. However, both are on leasehold land. The Parkhouse Nishiazabu Residence is freehold, so apartment owners own the land underneath the building.


Source: RBA Times, September 4, 2012.


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