Chunk of concrete falls off building in Ikebukuro

A 20 centimeter piece of concrete fell from the top of a 10-storey apartment in Ikebukuro yesterday, smashing onto the pavement below. No one was injured.

The incident occurred at about 8am when a fragment from the rooftop of the building came loose. Another 4 meter long piece of concrete was left dangling, but was later removed by workers.

The apartment building is over 40 years old and the police headquarters said the deterioration of the building was to blame.

The condominium in question is the Ikebukuro Jutaku Satomi Building in Minami Ikebukuro 3 Chome. The 73-unit building was completed in 1967 and is 45 years old. While apartments may sometimes appear for sale, the land underneath is leased. In 2010, a 76 sqm 2-bedroom apartment was listed for 21,800,000 Yen (286,800 Yen/sqm).

Repair costs can become quite expensive with older buildings, and if there is not enough money put aside for regular maintenance then owners need to either pay the additional costs or put off the necessary work. When the majority of owners are on low incomes, costly repairs can often be ignored, leading to rapid deterioration of the building and your asset.

Source: Nippon News Network, August 28, 2012.

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