Muji Model House opened in Saitama

Japanese household and consumer retail giant, MUJI, has designed a model house in conjunction with home-builder Okawa. The display home was opened on April 1 in Urawa-ku, Saitama City.

The house was designed to be long-lasting and flexible, so that it can be easily changed to adapt to changes in family structure and lifestyle. By 2015, both companies are expecting to be able to supply 500 MUJI-style homes annually.

Urawa-ku is approximately 20 to 30 kilometers from central Tokyo and has become a bedtown. The store / model house is the 29th nationwide location for MUJI, who is expanding their stores around greater Tokyo. MUJI has seven other model houses around Japan.

Details on the MUJI Model House:



The Asahi Shimbun, March 21, 2012.
MUJI Model House Site:

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