[Foreclosed] Japanese Castle in Hokkaido


Bidding started from 16,663,000 Yen

This foreclosed property in Akabira City is a replica of a traditional Japanese castle. The 6-storey reinforced concrete structure was originally called ‘Tokugawa Castle” and was a doll museum. It was owned by the only festival doll manufacturer and supplier in Hokkaido, and the company used the space to display and sell their wares. The doll company still seems to be operating, but they have not used this building for the past five years. It has not been maintained during recent years and has some broken windows and roof damage.

The castle is located atop a small hill and is about 8 to 10 meters higher than the No. 38 Ashibetsu National Highway which passes along the south-western side of the property.

No bids were made during the bidding period, so the proceedings entered a special sales round called ‘tokubetsu baikyaku’. During this period, the very first bid made above the minimum bid would be accepted.

The annual fixed asset and city taxes in 2010 were 2,880,578 Yen (36,000 USD).

*Update: The castle did not attract any bids in February and was put up for auction again in July with a court evaluation of 12,640,000 Yen (down from 20,830,000 Yen). It did not attract any bids in July.  This is the third time it has been up for auction since October 2011.


Auction Details:

Special Bidding: February 20 ~ February 24, 2012

Court Evaluation: 20,830,000 Yen
Minimum Bid: 16,663,000 Yen
Deposit (20% of evaluation): 4,166,000 Yen

Property Details:

– Land: 5047.27 sqm (54,308 sqft)
– Building: 1,571 sqm (16,903 sqft)
– Built: October, 1991
– Construction: 6 Stories, reinforced concrete
– Land ownership: Freehold
– Annual fixed asset taxes for 2010: 2,400,483 Yen (30,385 USD)
– Annual city taxes for 2010: 480,095 Yen (6080 USD)


174 Horookacho, Akabira City, Hokkaido
Akabira Station – 3.1 kilometers


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