Iwate plans to allow rebuilding in tsunami-hit areas

Iwate Prefecture announced that they have decided on a plan which will allow the reconstruction of homes and community centers in areas that were inundated with 2 meters or less of water from the March 11 tsunami.

Construction of homes, community centers and welfare facilities that are not staffed with caregivers will also be allowed in areas that were inundated with more than 2 meters of water. For homes in these areas, the 1st floor must be constructed of reinforced concrete.

Town halls, government offices, hospitals and emergency evacuation centers will be limited to areas that are not at risk of inundation.

While other tsunami-hit areas are starting plans to buy up land from residents and assist them with relocating to safer areas, Iwate Prefecture seems to be taking a very different approach to the situation. By allowing reconstruction in the devastated areas, there will be no need to relocate residents nor purchase any of their land. Those who want to move to higher ground will have to personally bear the cost.

The town of Miyako in Iwate which was hit by a tsunami 8.5 meters high.

Source: The Asahi Shimbun, January 24, 2012.

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