A 7-storey apartment building in Kawasaki City is due to be demolished and rebuilt after construction flaws were recently discovered that compromize the integrity of the structure.

A routine building inspection in 2009 uncovered gaps inside the beams and pillars of the building, as well as styrofoam and wood mixed in with the concrete pillars and walls. There were also fewer reinforced bars in the concrete than the construction blueprints indicated.

Lions Mansion Kyomachi has 72 units ranging from 60.87 ~ 79.33 sqm and was completed in 1997. It was developed and sold by Daikyo and constructed by Toa Corporation, although the actual construction was outsourced to another general contractor who has since gone bankrupt. The same general contractor had worked on two buildings within Kanagawa Prefecture and countless projects within Tokyo. However, according to an investigation by Daikyo, no problems were discovered with any of the other buildings.

Daikyo and Toa Corporation said that they recognize the building flaws and will cover all the costs of reconstruction which are estimated to be 1.66 billion Yen as well as the temporary moving costs for residents. The new building will be completed by 2013.

TV Asahi, August 28, 2011