Miyashita-cho Apartment site redevelopment tenders open to public


Tokyo City announced plans to redevelop 3 sites with a total size of 2.6 hectares just minutes from Shibuya Station. The 3 city-owned blocks of land include the 0.5 hectare site of the former Miyashita-cho Apartment block (Shibuya 1-23), a former school hall site of 0.4 hectares next to Mitake Park (Shibuya 1-18) and the 1.7 hectare site of the former Aoyama Hospital behind the UN University Bldg (Jingumae 5-53). Tenders will be open to the public from Summer, 2011.

The project is called the “Urban Regeneration Step Up Project” and will be a fashion/retail development. The site is located in the trendy triangle of Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando. Along with the large scale redevelopment around Shibuya Station, including Miyashita Park and improvements to the Fukutoshin and Toyoko train lines, the area is expected to undergo a big transformation.

The land will be leased under a fixed-term leasehold agreement.

The 3 development sites (in red)
The Miyashita-cho Apartments facing Meiji Dori




The apartments were named after the old name for the area, Miyashita-cho. The area was located just below the residence of the Nashimoto branch of the Japanese Imperial Family. In 1966 the area name was changed to Jingumae 6 Chome and Shibuya 1 Chome. Shibuya River runs directly through the area.


Jutaku-Shimpo-Sha, Inc. March 2, 2011.

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