Traditional Japanese Shophouse in Tokyo for Sale


This 2-storey shophouse in Koenji, Tokyo, was built over 75 years ago by a “Miya-daiku” master carpenter (Miya-daiku are specialist craftsmen who design shrines and temples). The house features traditional Japanese “shikkui” lime plaster walls, bronze rain gutters, and a central structural pillar (daikoku-bashira) made from 100+ year old wood.

Price: SOLD
Land: 89.09 sqm
Building: 101.44 sqm
Built: 1935
Construction: Wooden, 2-storey
Land ownership: Freehold
Road: North-side, 14m wide

Koenjikita 4 Chome, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Koenji Sta. – 12 min walk

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