Tokyo Tatemono ties up with HSBC Premier

Tokyo Tatemono will be working together with HSBC to market new and second-hand apartments to wealthy foreigners primarily in Japan.

They will introduce the Brillia Series of apartments, as well as second-hand and investment properties to the Premier clients (those with savings and assets of over 10,000,000 JPY held with HSBC).

The Brillia Series of apartments are reasonably priced and suited for the middle income Japanese family market. They are situated in second tier locations – not in the wealthy expatriate neighborhoods – so it is surprising that they are targeting high income foreign residents. Their most central Brillia projects are in the manmade islands in Koto-ku, which can have some inconvenient transport

*Update: In 2011, HSBC Premier Japan stopped offering home loans in Japan.

Nikkei Shimbun, December 28, 2010.

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