roppongi-arents-exteriorJapan Tobacco have recently put three of their buildings in central Tokyo up for public sale and are currently accepting bids. The properties for sale are:

– Roppongi Arents (Residential)

– JT Ebisu Minami Building (Commercial)

– Alive Nanpeidai II Building (Commercial)


Roppongi Arents (pictured above) is a high-grade luxury 14-storey and 99 unit apartment complex located next to the Roppongi Hills Residences. The building management was just taken over by Mori Building. Apartment rent ranges from 500,000 JPY/Month for a 90sqm 1-Bedroom unit to 2,200,000 JPY/Month for a 290sqm 4-Bedroom unit.

*Update: Roppongi Arents was acquired by Grosvenor and renamed “The Westminster Roppongi. The building was refurbished and apartments were made available for sale individually.